Why my shop is named “Hip Violet”

23 Feb

Have you ever wondered why I named my business Hip Violet? There is actually a story behind it!

When my oldest daughter Violet was 6 months old as we went to her well-child visit, the doctor did the “butterfly” of her legs to check her hips and CLUNK, her hip went right out of the socket (and the doctor’s face turned WHITE!). That was just the start – we went for an x-ray and soon she was in her first hip spica cast.


First Spica Cast after a closed reduction
7-9 months


Cutie pie in a body cast! My husband called it her “hard candy shell”


Cast tricks with Daddy!

That one was from 7-9 months old, and then she was out for about 3 months. When we went back for her 3-month post-cast checkup, they found that her hip had dislocated again. Next she had an open reduction (surgery, as opposed to a closed reduction the first time where they just manipulated her hip back into place) and was again in a cast from 14-17 months old.


2nd Cast – this time we got to have part of her good leg out! 14-17 months


Crawling in her cast – she had the STRONGEST stomach muscles when she was done! She also could stand up in this cast.


It was during this second trip in the spica cast that I started making baby bibs. I had ordered some bibs from a friend of mine and they were HUGE – I loved them because they really covered her and her cast up. When I wanted to order more she was no longer making them, and since I did know how to sew a little bit, I decided to give it a try. I made myself a pattern for a huge bib, and the rest is history!


The very first Hip Violet bibs!

Every year since we’ve had an x-ray to see how her hip was growing. Unfortunately her socket was remaining pretty flat instead of forming a nice round socket. Even though Violet, who is now 7, was not in any pain or had any outward signs of an issue (besides the fact that her right leg was 1″ longer than her left!) we decided to go ahead with a pelvic osteotomy on February 7th. This is where they do a bone graft into her pelvic bone to make her a rounder socket that will not slip out. And it comes with another 6-week stay in a spica (body) cast. It’s pretty different than when she was a baby!


At the hospital the day after surgery


Getting the hang of the wheelchair so she can do her favorite – crafts!


She is so happy she can still wear her dresses – and I stocked up on knee socks!

We are slowly but surely getting the hang of it this time around – she is obviously much heavier than when she was a baby so lifting her is a challenge. But over the last 2 weeks we’ve figured out the potty, wheelchair, eating, sleeping, and she’ll start back at school on Monday for half-days.

Washing Hair

Bathtime! Washing her hair in the sink. I thought she would love having a “spa day” but instead she was terrified i was going to get water in her eyes!



Playing on her tummy with her little sister

So that’s the story of Hip Violet!

**** UPDATE April, 2018 ****
I LOVE that so many parents facing an older kiddo in a spica cast are still finding this blog post useful! I’m getting a few e-mails every month or so asking how we handled certain parts of surgery/casting so I thought I’d add in some tips that might come in handy.

  1. Bathroom issues are one of the biggest hurdles with older kids. Diapers were EASY! I wish we would have told V that she would be using a pull-up tucked inside her cast opening for the first few days. They are in a lot of pain and having to pick them up and take them to the bathroom is WAY WAY harder and more painful than we were anticipating. If we could have just tucked a pull-up up in there, all would have been well, but she refused. Boo!We used a bedside commode like this for the first few days at home: commodeWe took the back off of it and sat it right by our couch. Once her pain was more under control, we found out that our regular toilet worked out just fine (although a bit awkwardly) and gave her some privacy.

    ** I bought some large size women’s underwear and cut each side off and put snaps on (you could do velcro!) so she could still have underwear. It’s the little things!

2. Get a Rx for Zofran. V had a reaction to the anesthesia and was really sick the day we got home. Vomiting in a body cast is about the WORST and we had to jump through a lot of hoops to get the prescription. She has had several other surgeries and we make sure to get an Rx for Zofran and have it ready to go in case we need it!

3. Sleeping was also difficult – we gave her 2-3mg of melatonin every night and it helped get her to sleep. You can get 1mg chewable tablets that work great.

4. If you think anything is wrong – get it checked out! She was complaining of sharp parts in her cast after the first few days – we brought her in and there was a big piece of the cast poking into her side. They were able to cut it out (which wasn’t pleasant but overall much better). Later she got a rash on her knee that was casted and it was incredibly itchy – with no way to reach it or itch it (I can’t even imagine how awful that was for her! Next time you have an itch, don’t scratch it and see how crazy it makes you!). I wish I would have taken her in to see if they could have cut us a little access hole so we could have scratched it. It was really rashy when her cast finally came off!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions, I’m more than happy to share what we did or just be a sympathetic ear!

Until next time!



p.s. Violet is now 12 and doing great! We opted to have a new surgery to fix her 1″ leg-length difference. She had worn a lift on her shoe for about 2 years, when we found a new ortho who suggested putting a metal plate in the growth plate of her “long” leg. This stopped its growth and let the other leg catch up. About a year later she was able to have the hardware removed and her legs are EVEN STEVEN! The great news is that evening out her legs also made her hip angle very close to normal (!!!) so we are really grateful that we did this surgery! She’s a happy, healthy, horse-crazy kiddo!









Enter to WIN this HUGE Giveaway!!

28 Aug

Holy cow, guys! You will not BELIEVE the goodies being given away in this Labor Day Giveaway sponsored by my friends at Kanga Care! Over $4,000 in prizes and 3 lucky winners – plus each giveaway gets a Hip Violet bib! Kanga_brand_prizes.1Entering is FREE! Click on this link for all the details!




New Bib Designs at Hip Violet {Baby Shower Gifts}

11 Aug

Looking for a really unique handmade baby gift? You found it! My bibs are both fun AND functional – moms will fall in love with their huge size, and they’ll love the applique designs or the vintage bedsheets I have “upcycled” into fully function blast-from-the-past baby bibs!

Here are a few of my latest designs!


Show your Colorado pride with this appliqued baby bib!


E.T. phone home! This bib is made from vintage E.T. bedsheets! Not only would it be the hit of the baby shower, but it’s earth-friendly too!


Remember Holly Hobby? My sister had these sheets and I was totally jealous! Here she is in her signature bonnet carrying her cat (probably to a tea party).


Who remembers the name of their first Cabbage Patch Kid? Mine was Toby and she was my best pal for YEARS! Relive those fun memories with this baby bib!


I am SO excited to finally have a Yoda bib to add to my other Star Wars Bibs! Buy this you must! 🙂VintageSmurfsRace

And a few Smurfs too – these guys are running in a Smurfy race!

I have 25+ different designs from Vintage Bed Sheets – click here to see them all!

I also now have a select few onesies with characters from my vintage bed sheets – you can see them here!

See all my Hip Violet goodies here!

What vintage character bedsheets would you like to see?

‘Till next time!


Hip Violet Photo Shoot!

6 Jul


I am SO excited to share these photos from my photo shoot! Aren’t these babies just adorable? And the view AMAZING? Hope you like them! LineofBabies


The cutest little models ever! Thanks so much to their mommies and daddies for coming out to the park all morning! They were SO much fun! (p.s. I am pretty sure I won the World Record for Games of Peek-a-Boo played in 3 hours)



Argyle Tie Baby Bib


Fairy Tale Baby Bib with an Apple

MultiBirdBibEdie  Multi-Colored Birdie Baby Bib

SesameStreetCloseupSesame Street Bib made from Vintage Bed Sheets


Multi-Colored Birdie Onesie


Star Wars Baby Bib made from Vintage Bed Sheets


Strawberry Shortcake Baby Bib made from Vintage Bed Sheets


Streets Tie Baby Bib

RainbowBriteRainbow Brite Baby Bib made from Vintage Bed Sheets

ArgyleTieOnesie This little dude didn’t like being photographed at all. Nope.
Argyle Tie Onesie

Want one? Come check out these and all my other great bibs at my Hip Violet Etsy Shop!

Easy Crafting with Kids

18 Mar

photo(32)This article was recently published in my local neighborhood paper – here it is on my blog for easier reading! 🙂

Crafting with Kids

One of my favorite activities to do with my girls is do crafts and artwork – but sometimes as a parent it can be intimidating to try to figure out what supplies you might need, where to store them, and how to keep your house clean in the process. Luckily all three aspects of crafting at home can be easy, inexpensive, and most importantly – fun!

Where and What to Buy

Craft supplies can be picked up almost anywhere! We tend to stick to the easy things – crayons, markers and paper for coloring, paint, homemade play-doh, and a stock of other random goodies that are fun to glue. I love the Dollar Tree for kids art supplies – they are obviously very inexpensive, but they have a variety of items – watercolor paint, pom-poms, sticky-back foam shapes, pipe cleaners and paper in the craft aisle, and cookie cutters and other kitchen gadgets in the kitchen supplies for play-doh. I stock up on crayons and washable markers in the fall when school supplies are out in stores.

Craft Storage and Organization


Storing your crafts in a way that is easy to use yet organized can be difficult – but I have a great solution for you! We purchased a 5-drawer plastic bin – each drawer has one kind of craft in it. When my kids want to color, we just take out the whole “coloring” drawer and they have everything they need. The same goes for paints, play-doh, foam shapes, and our “everything” drawer.

Keeping Things Clean

Keeping your craft area clean is another obstacle that can be easily remedied. I purchased a vinyl tablecloth at the Dollar Tree and we use that to cover the kitchen table any time we are crafting. When we’re done, I don’t even wipe it down, I just fold it up and put it back in the drawer for next time! I also have t-shirts in various sizes for paint-shirts and more messy crafts. Plus I have a few mugs that we decided are our “paint mugs” – I don’t ever wash them, I just rinse them out when we are done. Easy!

Here are a few great ideas to help you start out with your arts and crafts:

Homemade (and Edible!) Play-Doh

2 cups flour
2 cups warm water
1 cup salt
2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
1 Tablespoon cream of tartar (optional for improved elasticity)
2 packets of Kool-Aid for color/scent
Mix together all ingredients in a large saucepan. Heat over low heat, scraping the bottom and sides until it it forms play-doh consistency. Cool before use and store in a plastic container with a lid. If this dries out in the dry Colorado air, just spritz with water and shut the container for a day and it will be back to normal!

Clothespin Paint Brush
Clip a pom-pom on the end of a clothespin (also available at the Dollar Tree) and use as a paintbrush! It makes fun dots and is easier to use than the tiny brushes that come with most paint sets.

Hip Violet in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

25 Jan

Layout 1

Big News! My Fox with Bikes Baby Bib as well as my Appliqued Whale Nursery Art were both featured in the January issue of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine! I couldn’t be more pleased!

Hip Violet Holiday Craft Shows {Denver}

2 Nov

It’s that time of year! Lots of amazing craft shows are coming up – shop local and handmade this holiday season!
First up is the Sugar Plum Bazaar in Denver on November 17-18th. You can find me in the Dining Room!

Next I’ll be at the iThrive Marketplace on November 29th.

Then the big one! Fancy Tiger’s Holiday Handmade on November 30 & December 1 (which also happens to be my birthday!). You can find me along the back wall!

On Sunday, December 2 is a really fun (and FREE) holiday celebration in Wheat Ridge!


And last (maybe!) will be the Highlands Mommies Winter Market & Holiday Fair on Saturday, November 8 at Valdez Elementary in Denver. I also have ONE more possibly in the works!

I’d LOVE to see you there! Make sure to stop by and say hello!


Summer Boredom Buster – Water Painting

3 Aug

I got this great idea from my friend Megan at Bluebird Arts in Denver – it’s so very simple but it has provided HOURS of fun for my girls! Plus there are a few variations you can do too! You can do this very simply with a container of water and paint brushes, or you can add some fun with sponges cut into shapes like I did below:

First get yourself a package of sponges (they are about $1), a sharp scissors and a sharpie. Cut out simple shapes from the sponges. Draw on the sponges with your Sharpie for the more intricate shapes (however as you can see below, that doesn’t guarantee that your flower will end up LOOKING like a flower!)

Throw those into your container of water and GO TO IT!

We also add some regular old paint brushes (which you can easily do by themselves without the sponges)

I have a slight addiction to making “bricks” with my rectangle sponges.

My girls also like to dunk their sidewalk chalk into the water and make all kinds of colorful messes. It is actually great for learning colors and color mixing too! There are also all sorts of recipes out there for Sidewalk Chalk Paint which I’m sure is also a blast!



Hip Violet Birthday Giveaway #2 {Tuesday}

24 Jul
Today’s Birthday Giveaway is a brand new product to Hip Violet – a play tail! This zebra tail clips onto your little one’s backside with a mitten clip and can provide hours of pretend fun! I have THREE of these to give away! To enter, post a comment with your favorite animal! Winner will be drawn at random at 9pm MST on 7/24/12!

Hip Violet Birthday Giveaway #1 {CLOSED}

23 Jul

{CLOSED} Congratulations to Amanda Olson-Laurette for winning! Stay tuned tomorrow for another giveaway!

Happy Birthday Week to Hip Violet! I’m celebrating by doing a bunch of giveaways!

First up is this Eco-Friendly Baby Bib – it features an organic cotton front and eco-fleece on the back. Like all of my bibs, it is oversize to actually cover your little one’s clothes, and features 2 sizes of toddler-proof snaps for closure. This bib is a second, it has a tiny rip above the whale’s tail. It may fray a bit after washing, but it will still work great!

To enter, please post a comment with what your favorite smell is (mine? Horses!). I’ll draw a winner by random tonight, July 23rd, 2012. More giveaways to come! Check back soon!