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EtsyBABY Feature!

6 May

Check out my blog interview at the EtsyBABY blog!

Jesi at Hip Violet

Also special thanks to everyone who came out to shop at the Horseshoe Craft & Flea Market yesterday! What a great day and SO fun to see so many of my favorite customers again!




Front Hall Closet into Mini Mudroom

3 May

A few months ago I saw a picture on Pinterest that showed how someone turned their closet into a mini mudroom and I admit – I kind of fell in love. We always use our front door because my Dear Husband (DH) takes over the entire garage. And because of this, we always had PILES of stuff at our front door. Shoes and coats and bags and purses. It was not pretty. One night I casually mentioned the idea and lucky for me, my carpenter and general handy-man husband was 100% on board!

Here is the “Before” picture. Regular old front hall closet. Ugly and boring tile.

Ack! So much stuff crammed in that I could never find what I needed. Plus, it was dark. A good place to stow random stuff when company comes over, but other than that…

I forgot to take a good picture of it in full demolition mode, but DH took off the door then knocked out the side walls. He also took out all the flooring. There are about 83,928 coats of drywall mud on the sides, but it turned out really good and you can’t really tell 🙂 Then he made the built-ins and installed them.

First coat of primer! You can also see the new tile peeking through. We chose a kind of fun tiny tile that is really supposed to be for backsplashes, but we figured for a such a small area we could make it work. Plus we liked the blue/grey colors.

DONE! I just LOVE it too! From the top he made me a nice little shelf for some of my favorite “crap” that I like to have around. Then we have room for 4 bins that have hats, mittens, and other stuff. Under that are the 6 hooks (4 on the back, 1 on each side further down where the girls can reach). Then a bench seat and last two big baskets of shoes. Eventually this MIGHT be 2 drawers instead, but we’re kind of liking the baskets!

My friend Gretchen from Gretchen Moore Photography was nice enough to come over and shoot some lovely pictures of the new mudroom!

To make the bench seat, I measured the area and bought a 2″ wide piece of foam from the fabric store (it’s expensive – but luckily it is on sale for 50% off pretty often and I waited until it was!). I had grand plans to sew up a removable cover for it, but it ended up a weird size (ah, old houses. The bench seat is not at ALL square) and I knew I would throw my beloved sewing machine out the window if I really tried it. Instead… HOT GLUE GUN TO THE RESCUE! Yep. I just hot glued that sucker to the cushion and all is well.

I even made a pretty fabric flower out of the same fabric and (big surprise) hot glued it to a plain blue pillow. By the way I TOTALLY lucked out – I had had my eye on these pillows at Target for a while, and when they finally hit 70% off I snapped them up! They were only about $20 total and I love the different shades of blue!

A nifty pink retro radio and a Ball jar of wooden spools of thread. Then a few of my bins of hats and mittens.

We’ve had this new space for a few months now and I am SO happy we did it! I wish we would have done it sooner! No more clutter and everything has a place. The girls are getting really good at putting their shoes back in the basket so we can always find them too. Hopefully you all have Handy Husband’s too and can build your own!