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Summer Boredom Buster – Water Painting

3 Aug

I got this great idea from my friend Megan at Bluebird Arts in Denver – it’s so very simple but it has provided HOURS of fun for my girls! Plus there are a few variations you can do too! You can do this very simply with a container of water and paint brushes, or you can add some fun with sponges cut into shapes like I did below:

First get yourself a package of sponges (they are about $1), a sharp scissors and a sharpie. Cut out simple shapes from the sponges. Draw on the sponges with your Sharpie for the more intricate shapes (however as you can see below, that doesn’t guarantee that your flower will end up LOOKING like a flower!)

Throw those into your container of water and GO TO IT!

We also add some regular old paint brushes (which you can easily do by themselves without the sponges)

I have a slight addiction to making “bricks” with my rectangle sponges.

My girls also like to dunk their sidewalk chalk into the water and make all kinds of colorful messes. It is actually great for learning colors and color mixing too! There are also all sorts of recipes out there for Sidewalk Chalk Paint which I’m sure is also a blast!